The eastern entrance of the national park "Stolby "

The central entrance to Stolby is already familiar to everyone, up to 20,000 people visit it a day, but not everyone knows how to get to the Eastern entrance. The eastern entrance is noticeable primarily for a granite quarry, which turns into an icefall in the cold season and serves as a training base for climbers and an excellent photo location for visitors. On its territory there are information stands, an observation deck with a stunning view to the Takmak rock, an interactive ecological maze and an amphitheater.
Improvement of the territory of the Eastern entrance is organized considering the psent infrastructure. The project for 2020 supposes the reconstruction of the visit center, landscaping, repair of power lines, storm drains, new tourist tracks. A pump room will be set at the Mokhovoy spring to make collection of drinking water more convenient. The improvement will reduce the anthropogenic factor and crowds in the main entrance to the national park, give time for natural restoration, make another attraction for tourists and arrange it with taste and respect for nature.

Timing of implementation: year 2020
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