Eastern Entrance to National Park Krasnoyarsk Stolby

The eastern entrance to the national park   Krasnoyarsk Stolby  is first of all known for its granite quarry – in summer it a beautiful stone amphitheater and in winter it is an icefall and a training spot for climbers. Do take bright photos against the background of unusual nature landscape.

Starting your trip to the Stolby Eastern entrance, choose the route that is optimal for you — it duration can vary from 30 minutes to the whole day. All the paths are marked, so it will be quite easy to navigate the terrain, especially with the mobile app Krasnoyarsk Hiking. 

 From the Eastern entrance one can get to Rocks Yermak and Chinese Wall  practically at any weather.

The Eastern entrance to Stolby opened on the 1st of December 2020 after reconstruction. The territory of the entrance was fully landscaped. Now at the entrance to the national park there is a parking area for 114 cars, a warm toilet and a baby care room — this is the same pavilion as the one in Gremyachaya Griva. Every day without days off from 9:00 to 19:00 the Visit Center, where you can take maps and guidebooks,  works. 

In the visit center you can have a rest, have a bite, leave your belongings in the lockers, ask questions on tourism to the team of visitsiberia.info. A fire-place is harmoniously interwoven into the interior of the center. A baby care room is organised. After a trip tourists and climbers can change clothes in the changing rooms in the pavilion situated at the parking.  

Near the quarry there is an amphitheater and a viewpoint from which a wonderful view of the rock Takmak is opened, an interactive ecological labirint is organised, information stands are set. Children will like the playground with a fairy-tale wooden house, interactive counts and winged swings.

Now about spring water: Mokhovoy spring, popular among local people has got two pump rooms for pouring water into big and small containers — take bottles with you and take water for your health!  

How to get to the Eastern entrance?

You can get to the Eastern entrance to Stolby by public transport, private car or taxi.

By car

For navigation use city map 2GIS and enter address: Bazayskaya Street, 210а/1. You can also use Google maps. You need to get to the right bank of the Yenisey and move alog Sverdlovskaya street, turn to Bazayskaya street (to Funpark Bobrovy Log) and at the road fork hold the left side. Keep driving along Bazayskaya street. Turn to the right (Golubaya Gorka street) at the place where the road makes 90° turn to the left.

By bus 

Take bus 37 and go to the terminal stop Bazaikha. Later you have to walk about 1,5 km along the road.  Then you'll have to walk about 1,5 km along the roadway. Turn to the right (Golubaya Gorka street) at the place where the road makes 90° turn to the left and walk 900 meters along the earth road.

By taxi

You can get to the Eastern entrance using taxi service. A trip from Krasnoyarsk city center will cost about 200-250 rubles to one direction. 

How to get to rock Takmak?

At the entrance to the national park Stolby you will see information stands where paths leading to the rocks are marked with different colours.  The path to the rock Takmak is called Ahtlete’s path and is marked with blue colour. It goes through a deep hollow along the Mokhovoy brook. Follow the trees with blue marks.

Before reaching the two-storeyed sport base Ruygovka (a wooden building), turn to the right, at the next road fork take the right side. At Takmak ridge there are many interesting rocks and picturesque views of the city and the park. The length of the route is about 4 km. The duration of the trip from the Eastern entrance to Takmak rock and back is 3 hours. 

Life hacks

What to put into backpack?

·         Thermos and snacks

·         Drinking water or an empty bottle for spring water

·         Photo camera

·         Hiking poles

·         First aid kit

·         Lantern 

·         In winter: extra socks, mittens, fleece jacket

What clothes to choose?

·         According to the season

·         Tracking boots with anti-slip sole


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