Volleyball club "Yenisei"

In 1993, the volleyball team SMOLK (Sports Youth Club) was created in Krasnoyarsk. This project brought together well-known Krasnoyarsk players and the young talents of the Youth Sports School in volleyball, laying huge potential in them. A year later, SMOLK became an independent club and changed its name to Yenisei. Two years later, in the 1996-1997 season, the Krasnoyarsk team first entered the Premier League of the Russian Volleyball Championship.
During its existence, the volleyball club has changed its name more than once: “Yenisei”, “Lokomotiv” “Dorozhnik-Lokomotiv”, “Dorozhnik”, “Yenisei-Dorozhnik”, but on September 12, 2011 the club was officially renamed from the Yenisei-Dorozhnik volleyball club to VC "Yenisei". During the existence of the men's volleyball club, the team gained a reputation of strong players due to its high results: in 1998, it became the owner of the Siberian and Far East Cup, in the 1999–2000 season it became the silver medalist of the Russian Premier League volleyball championship “A”, in the 2009- season 2010 the team won a bronze medal at the Russian Premier League volleyball championship “A” and in 2015 the club took the 7th place at the Russian Championship in Super League.

At the moment, the Krasnoyarsk volleyball club is headed by Alexei Maslov, and his team is progressing and successfully developing its potential.

Photo with pview: vc-enisey.ru

Photo: vc-enisey.ru

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