Important information for visitors of Stolby!

The tourist center ‘Pereval’ will be closed from October 26 and until the epidemiological situation in the region normalizes.
Also, the staff of the National Park will not give organized tours.
You can visit Krasnoyarsk Stolby on your own.
4 ecological routes still are open for free visits:
‘Nature is a great sculptor’ (Central Region), ‘Journey to the Chinese Wall’, ‘Meeting with Takmak’, ‘Path to Ermak’ (Takmakovsky District).
The rest of the recreational area, including the Kashtakovskaya path and the path between the 1st and 3rd Stolby rocks, are closed due to the risk of dead trees falling.
► The lifeguard post at the tourist center ‘Pereval’ continues to work.
Lifeguard phone: 211-85-88.
Photo by @aa.antonova

Published: 26.10.2020
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