Tourist Information Center of Krasnoyarsk region is the best on the results of 2022

The tourist information centre of the Krasnoyarsk region has become the best organization in the tourist industry sphere. The National Association of the Informational Tourists Organisations (NAITO) has highly esteemed it.  


In total over 60 tourist informational organisations from 55 regions of Russia submitted their applications. The choice of the best tourist information centre (hereby TIC) was made on the base of three stages: public vote, social media quiz and analysis of tourists’ reviews and experts’ evaluation. Among them were the directors of the leading tourist information  centres, repsentatives of the Tour Operators Association and Russian Tourism Union, the director of the Intourmarket exhibition, the chairperson of the PR agency Region PR


As a result, 20 best TICs of Russia which were later extra estimated with the Secret customer method, were chosen.   


– This is a quite well spad research method in marketing, when a person ptending to be a potential tourist examines the efficiency of channels of communication with travelers. For example, our secret customers studied how quickly the TIC staff members answer questions over the phone, how much the information on the web-site can satisfy the demands of the potential tourists, – one of the NAITO founders and the projects coordinator of the TIC Partnership Vera Istomina told.

As a result the tourist information centre of the Krasnoyarsk region has become the winner  after all the competition stages and was awarded the Grand Prix of the All-Russian competition Best Tourist Information Centre.


– I think this victory is absolutely deserved! The TIC of the Krasnoyarsk region is those people who create the main image attractions of our region: the Eastern entrance to the Krasnoyarsk Stolby national park, the stairs to Torgashinskiy Ringe, the observing ground on Nikolaevskaya Sopka, the Gremyachaya Griva eco-park, the Serebryaniy Log visit centre, the stairs in Udachniy district and on Manskaya Petlya – all this and many others are their work! Besides that, the team organizes  education of guides and excursion guides, holds pss tours and popularizes tourism in our region, – the deputy head of the Governor’s administration of the Krasnoyarsk region Yulia Verkhushina noted.

Annually the tourist information center of Krasnoyarsk region holds pss tours, excursions, education for tourism industry repsentatives. So, last year over 400 specialists could improve their professional qualification and pass the retraining program, public speaking courses, first aid courses and many others. Besides that, the TIC of the Krasnoyarsk region serves 6 venues beloved by Krasnoyarsk residents. Among them there are the stairs to Torgashinskiy ringe, the Gremyachaya Griva eco-park, the observing ground on Nikolaevskaya Sopka.

The organization has also become one of the partners and participants of such large brand events of the Krasnoyarsk region as the International festival of world music and crafts WORLD of Siberia, Siberian gastronomic festival TAIGASTRO, mountain ultra marathon Krasnoyarsk Winter Trail Fest, trailrunning and sky running festival Skyrunfest Siberia 2022. The Tourism Day, held during a week and finished with the grand water and music show Legend of the Yenisey, became a great celebration.


Note too, in 2022 at the All-Russian Tourism Award Russian Travel Awards the tourism information centre of the Krasnoyarsk region took the first place according to the opinion of the youth jury in the nomination Best Regional TIC, became laureate of the second degree in the nomination Best Regional TIC and the laureate of the third degree in nomination Ecological Tourism Territory.  



The All-Russian competition Best TIC has been held by the National Association of Information Tourist Organizations (NAITO) since 2017 as a branch award given on the results of the complex evaluation of TICs’ work in the past year. The goal of the event is the improvement of services quality and promotion of tourist information centres’ activity.  

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