The ATV tour to the Red Ridge


“The Red Ridge” is one of the most popular tours in Krasnoyarsk.  It is quite often ordered by guests of the city, who want to fully enjoy the beauty of Krasnoyarsk nature. It is an easy, and sometimes unpdictable (depending on the wishes of the participants) ATV excursion. The route goes through a mixed forest where it is cool even on a hot summer day. The forest walk ends with a hill, from which the participants can see the beautiful views of the Bazaikha River. Then the road leads to one of the main attractions of Krasnoyarsk - Torgashinsky ridge. Here you can visit the famous Arka and take pictures on the rocks, admire Krasnoyarsk and its environs. The trip ends with a visit to the quarries - excellent sites for ATV rides.

Distance from the center of Krasnoyarsk to the starting point of the route: 6 km

Tour duration: 2 hours

Difficulty level: let say the first one

Cost: from 3650 rubles / 1 hour / two-seater ATV

What to do?
Visit the Ryzhaya Rock
Enjoy a walk in the fresh air
Feel the speed and adrenaline
Visit the Arka rock
Take cool photos at viewpoints
See the Red Ridge rock
Arrange a professional photo session (+ 2500 rubles)
Organize a picnic

Where to have a snack?

We recommend that you take care of your snack in advance and bring your own food. In order to refresh yourself during the excursion, the instructor makes several small stops in picturesque places.

* Age category 16+

Organizer: "ExtremeTour" on the Lesopilshikov st., 160G, box 777, t. 8 (391) 286-89-44.

How to get there?

Option number 1: car

The easiest way to get there is to type the address above in the navigator "2GIS" or "Google maps" and get directions. If you don’t use a navigator, the following information can be useful to you. From the center of Krasnoyarsk: you need to go to the Kommunalny bridge and move to the roundabout on Predmostnaya Square, where we go on the st. Matrosov. Then you need to turn right to st. Lesopilshikov. At the roundabout, keep to the left and go along the Lesopilshikov st. for 1.5 km, after which pass under the viaduct and drive along the main asphalt road. Pass "CHP-2" - an identification sign is a large industrial building with pipes (it is on the right side).

Then you turn very sharply to the right, go along the concrete fence. At the fork turn left, see the signboard "Continent", keep to the left and reach the starting point of our route. Now find box 777, where the trip takes place!

A one-way route from the city center will take 20 minutes depending on the season.

Option number 2: bus

You can get from the city center to your destination directly by bus No 55, which departs from the Organ Hall stop with the optimal frequency - every 10-15 minutes. You need a stop "Cementnikov", which you can reach in 1 hour 17 minutes.

Then you need to walk 540 meters to the Lesopilshikov st., 160G. Once you reach your destination, find Box 777 and set off on your ATV adventure!

Option number 3: taxi

You can get to the organizer's office by taking a taxi. A trip from the center of Krasnoyarsk will cost you around 180 rubles one way. But if you go in a company of 2-3 people, then you can save your budget a little.

Who else to ask for awesome ATV tours?

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