Top 5 recreational centers for families with children

Vacation with children is not an easy task for parents. It is important to please both children and adults. Therefore, we have ppared for you the top 5 bases, which, in our opinion, meet the main criteria for a quality family vacation: comfortable accommodation, tasty and healthy food and additional entertainment for children *.

* COVID-19: due to the pventive measures, we recommend you firstly check the working hours and the cost of services, as well as the availability of all options.

Eco-park "Admiral"
The rooms in the park vary from the cozy houses - which are called "Guest Town" to two hotels: Aurora and Admiral. On the website you can find the best accommodation option for the whole family. The cost of vacation depends on the room and the duration of stay.

✔ There are daytime and evening entertainments for children, great family entertainment events
✔ There are a rope town, a skate park and virtual reality games on the territory
✔ Children's pool is open in hot weather
✔ A real medieval paradise for children is a children's castle, where you can choose not medieval games for every taste. An entertainer will look after your children
✔ Active recreation in the park is repsented by cycling and rollerblading
✔ A children's menu was specially developed for the "little ones" in the restaurant

Divnogorsk, Shumikha Bay, 5/33
Phone: +7 (391) 205-10-86


Eco-park "Balchug"
Accommodation in a modern ecological complex is possible in a guest house, a fisherman's house, apartments, a check-in house, a triple room and houses of different comfort levels. On the site you can choose the best accommodation option for the whole family.

✔ In summer, they offer cycling, and in winter, skiing and snowmobiling
✔ A walk along the Yenisei, a horse ride and even a helicopter excursion will be organized especially for you
✔ For children on the territory there are playgrounds, swings, a trampoline, slides, hammocks for relaxation, a rope town
✔ Children's playroom
✔ There are several board games to choose from and even the popular "Monopoly"
✔ There is a sports field where you can have fun playing table tennis, badminton and volleyball
✔ There are adult and children's pools with heated water, as well as a sauna - for residents the service is free
✔ Breakfasts are included in the price, homemade cuisine, that must be delicious

Sukhobuzimsky district, Atamanovo village
Phone: +7 (391) 214-12-44, +7 (391) 215-11-44


 Recreation center "Yasnaya Polyana"
A new recreation center 50 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk, for those who love quality rest and communication with nature. Eight comfortable rooms are ideal for families, friends or for a romantic weekend.

✔ There are warm gazebos on the territory
✔ Those ho are interested can take a Russian banya
✔ Or go on a quad bike trip
✔ There are trampolines and a petting zoo with the most unusual animals for children

Krasnoyarsk, GPS coordinates - 55.918646 °, 93.669497 °
Phone: +7 (929) 307-55-77

 Recreation center "Mansky briz"
"Mansky Briz" is a large territory with cottages, dwelling houses, hotel rooms. Houses of varying degrees of comfort allow you to choose the best option for each guest. You can view accommodation options

✔ On the territory of the base there are children's and sports grounds, a trampoline, an inflatable pool; you can swing on a swing overlooking Mana, and there is a sandbox for the little residents
✔ Entertainment for children is following: active games with obstacles and team games, a rope town
✔ Fresh air and spacious walking area
✔ Feeding a child will not be a problem either - there is a cafe on the territory

Mansky village, "Mansky briz"
Phone: + 7-902-923-89-41, + 7-967-612-70-70

Rest House "Three Captains"
Clean air, richness of nature make this place attractive at any time of the year! Guests who decide to relax here can stay both in wooden cottages for 6-8 people, and in townhouses for 4-6 people! You can see all the options and choose the most suitable one on their website in the "Accommodation" section.

✔ There is a Shellback Tavern
✔ There is an open-air pool
✔ Those ho are interested can take a Russian banya
✔ Or go on excursions along a variety of routes on ATVs and boats

Krasnoyarsk region, Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk reservoir 7/1
Phone: +7 (391) 208-78-48

Published: 20.07.2020
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