The old building of the Znamensky Glass Factory


In the Pamyati 13 Bortsov village, in the Yemelyanovsky district, there is a very interesting place - the old building of the Znamensky glass factory. By the way, the village had its current name only in 1920, before that the village was called Znamensky Zavod (factory) or Znamensky Steklo Zavod (glass factory), because the village owes its birth to a glass factory. Today the factory is in ruins, but there is so much beautiful glass in there! .

In 1823, Anna Konovalova applied to the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia for permission to establish a glass factory 45 miles away from Krasnoyarsk on the left bank of the Kacha River. The actual owner of the plant was the son of Anna Konovalova, Ivan Ivanovich Konovalov - an official of the Yenisei provincial government, a collegiate adviser, a knight of the Order of St. Anna, a participant in the Patriotic War of 1812.

Having received an inheritance from his mother in 1833, in the same year, as legends say, the sign of the Holy Mother of God appeared to Ivan Konovalov in a dream. On this occasion, with a large crowd of people, a prayer service was served, and since then the plant was called the Konovalov Znamensky glass-making factory. Soon a church was built at the glass factory, the decoration of which amazed with its splendor the peasants of the surrounding villages. There was an icon of the Sign of the Holy Mother of God in a prominent place, which was worshiped by the faithful and which was subsequently transported throughout the province.

Thanks to the glass factory, glass replaced mica and bubbles on windows in the surrounding villages and cities. In 1853, Konovalov built a faience factory at the plant, which produced dishes, plates, bowls, cups, sinks, sauce bowls, etc.

It is interesting that Konovalov had serfs, while in Siberia there was practically no serfdom. After the abolition of serfdom, Polish exiles became the main labor force.
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