Sleeping Sayan

Sleeping Sayan is a unique creation of nature, a chain of rocks, which is very similar to a sleeping person. It is located in Ergaki, the mountains of the Western Sayan and is so attractive that not only Siberians and residents of the European part of Russia, but even foreigners come to see it. The mountains in these places really look like a giant silhouette of a man lying on his back. You can see the face, and flowing straight long hair, and arms and legs folded on the chest. It is even surprising that the silhouette of a lying man is viewed from different angles, and this is a great rarity that confirms the wonderful origin of this natural creation. There are many legends and myths about the Sleeping Sayan. The most famous legend says that this is a wise and kind athlete who protects the local places and treasures, and he wakes up and defends himself when these places are in danger. According to other ancient Russian legends, the Sleeping Sayan is the hero Svyatogor, about whom they wrote: "as big as a mountain." And it is the most mysterious and majestic sight in the mountains of Siberia. Preview Photo by Photo by,,

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