Sportex is the only one in Russia and the largest in Europe. This is an innovative sports project, designed to develop modern and extreme sports and conduct sporting events at the international level. An indoor skate park is located on the territory of the sports center, the total area of which exceeds 4 thousand square meters, as well as gymnasiums and gyms. Moreover, the total area of the center is 10.28 thousand square meters. On the sites of the center you can engage in sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading, mountain biking, BMX, parkour, acrylic freestyle, snowboarding, tricking, slackline, etc

The huge space of the Sportex skate park can be transformed from the arena into a concert hall, a place for mass events as soon as possible: the sports center is equipped with high-quality sound and lighting equipment, as well as modules for telescopic stands with 568 seats. The hall has two balconies for spectators and places for installing a stall from portable seats - this allows you to gather up to a thousand people for events.

Today, various contests and extreme shows are regularly held at the sites of the extreme sports center, including the Siberian Cup in parkour and freerun, the final of the Russian Cup in cycling and mountain biking in the discipline "Velotrial" and many others.



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