The viewpoint situated on a volcanic hill - Nikolayevskaya Sopka is remarkable for being the highest point in Krasnoyarsk. Just imagine what views are waiting for you at the height of 505 meters! From the top of Nikolayevskaya Sopka a picturesque panorama of the whole city, the outlines of Takmak and Yermak rocks, the Yenisey river and Funpark "Bobrovy Log" opens. 

The landscaped viewpoint on Nikolayevskaya Sopka was opened in spring 2021 and has once become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The viewpoint is interesting with its modern design - the venue is light and airy. And the huge balcony with panoramic glazing creates a wow-effect among tourists!

The viewpoint consists of three levels: on the lower one there is a pedestrian bridge, on the middle level there is an amphitheatre with a velarium protecting from rain, and on the highest point some single places for calm rest are situated.
All the elements of the venue are connected with a pedestrian promenade. There is a parking area for 50 cars. 
Every evening a lightning is turned on on the viewpoint, and at this time the venue is especially picturesque against the background of city lights And in general, the viewpoint - is a wonderful location for photo shooting, one of the mark places of the city and a must visit for every guest of Krasnoyarsk.
How to get to the viewpoint?
You can get to the viewpoint by car along the mountain spiral road, on foot as the route goes from the eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva", or by bus. You can walk here in any weather: the venue is equipped is anti-slip coatings, so it will be comfortable and safe here in winter and during the off-season. 
By car
For navigation use city map "2GIS" and type: viewpoint on Nikolayevskaya Sopka. Move along Biatlonnaya Street and don't miss the right turn - it is a kilometer from the public transport stop "Sportcomplex Sopka". Them go 1,5 km along the spiral road of Nikolayevskaya Sopka. You are at the place!
On foot
Go through the eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva". For easy navigation load the mobile app "Krasnoyarsk Hiking".
By bus
You can get to the viewpoint on Nikolayevskaya Sopka  (bus stop "Biathlon Academy" ) by buses number 31, 90, 88.
What to put into backpack?
  • Thermos and snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Photo camera
  • Tracking poles

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