Skeleton racer Alexander Tretyakov

Alexander Tretyakov is the first Olympic champion in the history of the Russian skeleton, the world champion, the World Cup winner, the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, the European champion, two-time world champion among juniors and multiple champion of Russia.

Alexander’s sports career began in 2003, and at the age of nineteen Tretyakov was already in the national team of the country. According to the athlete, there were no sharp jumps in his career, everything went relatively smoothly. Improving and working a lot, Alexander in 2006 ended up in the Olympic team. One of the distinguishing features of an athlete that no athlete in the world can compare with, is a quick start. He considers this element to be the most important, therefore he works a lot on it, trying to improve it. And the fact that Alexander achieves high results is a consequence of his lack of any weaknesses and, of course, endless work and the will to win.


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Photo:,, Dmitry Azarov

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