September excursions from the Travelers Center

Check out the schedule of excursions from the Krasnoyarsk Travelers Center :
► September 15 ┃ 14.00 ┃ 1.5-2 hours ┃ Excursion to the arboretum of the Forest Institute
We will walk along the alleys, talk with trees and talk about trees under the guidance of an employee of the institute.
► September 19 ┃ 12.00 ┃ 1.5 hours ┃ ‘Just Walking’
Let's walk through not the most popular places in a friendly company.  We'll talk about how our ancestors distinguished a girl from a woman, ‘wet’ our feet in the Atlantic Ocean, remember our childhood on playgrounds, and maybe try to do sport.
► September 20 ┃ 12.00 ┃ 2 hours ┃ ‘Going to the East’
We are going to get acquainted with the Leninsky district of the city and its main attraction - industry. The tour is interactive. The participants will have to solve a crossword puzzle and guess riddles.
► September 21 ┃ 10.00 ┃ 6-7 hours ┃ Eco walk
Route: trail Skvoznaya, trail Sinilga, we will go to the rocks Ryzhaya and Arka, we will return along the trail Wet. We will pick up garbage on the route and update the marking on the Skvoznaya trail on the section from the Health trail to Bazaikha.
► September 22 ┃ 16.00 ┃ 3-4 hours ┃ Evening eco walk
We will walk and tidy up the Udachnaya trail, visit the grotto, the seventh vid over the grotto and the vid over Udachny. The route is not difficult, but you will have to climb the mountain twice.
► September 25-27 ┃ 10.00 ┃ Children's tourist festival ‘Wind Rose’
From September 25 to September 27, an annual event dedicated to Tourism Day will be held on the Karaulnenskoe Upland near the Golubka Rock. Guests can enjoy active entertainment for the whole family.
► September 26-27 ┃ 10.00 ┃ 6-7 hours ┃ Tourist walk along the Karaulny Upland
Walk to the Golubka rock, interactive sites of the tourist festival and wonderful views.
► September 29 ┃ 13.00 ┃ 3-4 hours ┃ Tourist walk ‘For those who are over ...’
We will climb Mount Vyshka and reach the Red Comb Rock. We will admire panoramic views of the Torgashinsky ridge, the Stolby National Park and our beloved city. On-site recording.
● Sign up for excursions at @krascp and by phone 8 (391) 271-08-08.
Photo by Alexander Nerozya

Published: 14.09.2020
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