Rugby club "Red Yar"

The history of Krasnoyarsk rugby began in 1969. Leonid Tikhonovich Sabinin, a teacher at the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute, organized a rugby section at this university. The team received the name "Polytechnic". 1990 - the team gained club independence, received the name "Krasny Yar" and for the first time won the USSR Championship.

In 1991, Krasny Yar became history as the last champion of the Soviet Union. A year later, the club became the first champion of Russia. The rugby club Krasny Yar continued to make history, reinforcing its position with regular achievements.

During its existence, Krasny Yar became the champion of the country 11 times (twice the champion of the USSR), seven times - the second prize winner and four times - the third, seven times became the owner of the Cup of Russia. Now everyone who is interested in the sports life of the region knows the Krasny Yar rugby club, because it thoroughly paved the rugby path to Siberia.

Photo with pview: from the photo archive of the Rugby Club "Krasny Yar"

Photo: from the photo archive of the Rugby Club "Krasny Yar",

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