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The team of the Krasnoyarsk region Tourist information center is happy to introduce everyone to the main attractions and tell the most important tourist news of the region!
The geographic center of Russia is located in the region, the second largest of the country. Tourist information center publishes reviews of excursions and tours from trusted tour operators, the best museums, and certified guides every month on its website and social media. Apart from the most interesting sights, the profiles of which are described in clear, concise language, there are special sections. For example, the section “What to see” contains unique and atypical author's content, like the headings “Amazing people”, “Interesting regional studies”, “8 phenomena in the Krasnoyarsk region” and others. The "Where to eat" section also contains author's reviews on the Yenisei regional cuisine, local farm products and the gastronomic map of the region. Particular attention is paid to the section "To experts", where repsentatives of the tourism industry can get acquainted with the latest information from the authorities in the field of tourism. You can also find newest travel guides and maps that the Tourist information center develops for tourists on the site. The Tourist information center maintains 2 profiles on Instagram, in Russian and in English for a foreign audience. The new section "Cases of the Krasnoyarsk Tourist information center" contains the works of the center, both on the field of industry, and on new infrastructure projects.
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▷ We tried to describe the uniqueness of the site in details in thepsentation.
We are happy to share with you how we did it technically and creatively. Write to us to get advice on this project: The contact person: Karina Eliseeva - editor of the site and publics of the tourist center
Time of implementation: social networks from 2015, website from 2018 to the psent.

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