The Self-isolation Project «On Business»

At these tough but intriguing times we were asked lots of questions, some of them were not even close connected with tourism. We discussed and decided to enhance our information capacity to become as useful as possible. So we launched the "On business" project. We tried to talk about all the issue that can be helpful both for common citizens and big entrepneurs. Experts in a wide range of fields assisted us with the project. There was a series of live broadcasts and its focus was on the changing situation, adaptation and flexibility during the self-isolation time this spring, 2020. We created a special style, all the materials and live broadcasts were made and performed by Tourist Information Centre's experts.

● ON BUSINESS: the promotion of tourism potential in new condition
●  ON BUSINESS: how to plan a celebration online
●  ON BUSINESS: 9 questions about restaurant business in the new environment
●  ON BUSINESS: how the restaurant business adapts to the crisis
●  ON BUSINESS: supporting measures of the business in the complicated economic situation
●  ON BUSINESS: safety measures in the Krasnoyarsk international airport
●  ON BUSINESS: demand for food in the self-isolation conditions

Timing of implementation: April 2020.

We will be happy to share the technical and creative details. Contact us to get advice: ☎  +7 (391) 215-00-02

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