Ergaki Nature Park

The territory of the Ergaki Natural Park is a traditionally formed tourist center in the south of the region and the most visited part of the Western Sayan. Natural park, of course, is the pearl of Siberia and a haven for travelers - beautiful lakes, clean rivers, rich Siberian taiga and breathtaking cliffs. In summer, tourists can go hiking and horseback riding in the Ergaki Nature Park, climb one of the peaks with climbing equipment, go rafting on the mountain rivers Us and Oya, go fishing and have a rest in camps. Ergaki is also popular among fans of such extreme hobbies as base jumping. In winter, the snowy slopes of the natural park become a mecca for skiers and snowboarders, as well as lovers of snowmobile travel. The ski season here lasts from late October to mid-June. Photo by AlexanderNerozya

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