Putorana Plateau

The Putorana Plateau is the northernmost and one of the oldest in the world plateau of volcanic origin. Translated from Evenki this name means "country of lakes with steep banks", and translated from Yukagir - "mountains without peaks." Its area is 2 million hectares. A plateau is located south of the Taimyr Peninsula and east of the largest polar city in the world - Norilsk. The mountains of the Putorana plateau have an unusual shape and are a domed massif with smooth outlines and stepped slopes. Most of the year the snow lies on the peaks; it begins to melt in August, feeding countless rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The best time to visit Putoran is summer, especially the period of the polar day (from July 11 to August 2). The absolute maximum temperature at this time reaches plus 30. At the same time, you can make rafting on the rivers Khugdyakit, Ambardakh, Maymecha, which make it possible to go fishing. In addition, unusual celestial phenomena were recorded in this territory, and the plateau is one of the ten most visited UFO places in Russia according to the International Association for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Putorana Plateau is included in the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage List. Photo by Sergey Gorshkov

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