Lama Lake in Taimyr

The cleanest Lama lake is located about 120 km from Norilsk, on the Putorana plateau. This is one of the deepest and most fishy lakes in Russia.

The lama is of tectonic origin and occupies a hollow between mountains about half a kilometer high in the north-west of the mysterious Putorana plateau, on top of which a little more than a kilometer in height can only be reached by helicopter. From the crevices mountain rivers flow into the lake, forming numerous small waterfalls up to 60 meters high, striking with pristine purity, power and beauty. The surrounding hills are covered in places with spruce forests or light forests.

For 8 months of the year, the Lama dozes under a crust of ice about a meter thick, waking up only in mid-June. The lake is navigable, not often, once a week, small boats carry tourists, which are called trams here.

In the language of Evenki and Tungus, its sound is close to a word meaning any large water - sea or ocean. The water in it is unimaginably clean, cold, transparent and absolutely not salty, although the bottom of the lake is lined with a powerful salt layer. The mystery of this phenomenon has not yet been solved. Virgin natural beauty suggests that civilization has not touched these places, but this is not entirely true. Not far from Cape Tonky, more than 35 years ago, for the purpose of geological exploration, nuclear explosions were carried out, one at 7.6, the other at 15 kilotons. In the p-war and post-war years, a camp for political prisoners — the leaders of the Baltic republics — worked on the lake. Now on this place there is a camp site built by their hands, and a memorial sign.

Esotericists and psychics come to the lake, who consider Lama a place of power and a reservoir of otherworldly energy. Ufologists find it attractive for alien mind ships and have their own small base in the vicinity of the lake.

But more often lovers of severe beauty and rich fishing come here. Unique landscapes and picturesque landscapes attract romantics and tourists from all over the country to Lake Lama. Many interesting places can be visited there. Visitors are escorted to waterfalls, helped to climb the hills to enjoy lake views and mountain canyons, shown places of ancient shamanistic campaigns or offered to visit the museum of life of Taimyr peoples, arranged by an enthusiast at one of the camp sites. The Ethnographic Museum psents visitors with more than a thousand exhibits: jewelry, household items, culture and spiritual cults of indigenous peoples. On the eastern shore, at the confluence of the Businyak River, is a national natural park.

Photo: Alexander Antonov, Pavel Mudrov, Lutsuk Roman, Olaf Rogers

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