The regional Cup "Golden Mormyshka-2019 "

On December 6-8, a very unusual competition will be held on Lake Bolshoye in the Sharypovsky district - the open cup of the Krasnoyarsk region "Golden Mormyshka-2019". The winners of the world, the country, the federal district and the region championships, as well as just fans of fishing sports, will fish on mormyshka on the ice.

In Siberia, such competitions traditionally gather the largest number of participants and are common in almost all regions. The “Golden Mormyshka” has been held on Lake Bolshoye since 2010, because it is famous for its purest water, abundance of fish and many comfortable recreation centers near the lake. The organizers say that next year the tournament will have the status of "All-Russian", and having participated now, having trained, there will be more chances to step up to the title of master of sports next year.
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