A vacation that will take your breath away

Tired of everything? Is it hard to surprise you? Then here is a list of the most unusual and breathtaking sports entertainment in Krasnoyarsk, which can become your new hobby :)

Supsurfing is when you catch a wave while standing on a board and paddle. Supsurfing has become very popular this summer. They will teach you how to glide on the water at
the Board School and at Sup Surf Siberia. The guys organize rafting on the Yenisei and Mana. The cost of a lesson is from 800 rubles.

It is a combination of water sports such as surfing, water skiing and something like skateboard or snowboard. It turns out that a
wake park for adults and children was opened on Lake Emelyanovskoye this year. You can ride with a breeze from 500 rubles.

Kiting is when you move on the surface of water or ice on a board under the action of the thrust of a guided kite. They catch the wind in the Krasnoyarsk Sea and Lake Belyo. The cost of a lesson at the
Kite School is from 2000 rubles.


Flying under the clouds and over the fields together with an instructor costs from 2500 rubles in
Sky24. There are many other professional paragliding companies - the industry is well developed in Krasnoyarsk - you can easily find them on the Internet.

Extreme driving
Red Ring race track has a course for drivers who want to improve their skills and become cooler. . It has five lessons. The cost of a 2-hour lesson on your car is 3000 rubles (theory + practice), on a racing car - 4000 rubles per 45 minutes.


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