Tatyshev Island in Krasnoyarsk

Tatyshev Island is a real corner of nature in the very center of Krasnoyarsk, surrounded by the waters of the Yenisei. Gophers and foxes live here. And this is the mecca of all the city’s athletes. People run cross-country races here, ride bicycles, roller-skate, skate, ski, ride on gyro scooters, jumps on jumpers, playvolleyball, basketball and pin-pong, and lovers of nothing to do - sunbathe by the water or have a picnic on the lawns. Numerous festivals, concerts, sporting events and all kinds of holidays are held right in the open. Tatyshev Park is also chosen for family vacations; kids simply adore the local cozy playground in the shade of huge trees. Also, the territory of the island is one of the best photo zones in Krasnoyarsk, here only a very lazy photographer did not conduct photo sessions. Island's official website: tatyshev.ru Group in VK: vk.com/ostrovtatyshev Photo by Olga Tsaplina.

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