Park walks in golden autumn

Just grab your camera, thermos and go out. Go out for a walk. If you think that nature does not have bad weather, love this off-season time and the charm of autumn, then here are a few places where leisurely strolls along the alleys and philosophical thoughts in the fresh air reveal themselves most fully. Autumn is not a reason to stay at home!

Divnogorsk Waterfront

Divnogorsk is a route for any season. You can admire the mirror-like surface of the Yenisei and how the relief of the mountains changes here all year round. This is the perfect place for a weekend family outing! Try something sweet in a cafe or on the street at the "bar" counters with a stunning view on the river bank, feed the ducks, breathe in the non-urban air! The children's amusement park will not let your kids get bored, and you will be definitely not bored with the company.

How to get there?

– By car from Krasnoyarsk. Navigator location:

– By train from stations: Krasnoyarsk, Yenisei, Bobrovy Log, Krasnoyarsk Stolby, Turbaza. For 22 rubles you will get there in comfort and you will be able to observe the picturesque Divnogorsk nature from the window. Find the schedule on the Krasprigorod website.

– By bus: choose a convenient departure time on site of the Krasnoyarsk bus station. The cost of the trip is from 100 rubles.

Eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva"

We all love the Gremyachaya Griva. Woodland in the city is not a privilege of every city and region. Combine a walk with activities - ride a bike, sit on the benches by the viewpoints, feel the autumn and its silence. Take a thermos with hot drinks with you (although you don't have to - there are many shops with delicious coffee and tea in the park) and if you are cold - welcome to the cozy visiting centers of the park. More information about the park

How to get there?

– You can get to Griva by car (free parking for visitors to the park is provided) or by buses No. 90 and 32. Stop "Sopka" (first visit center or "Academy of Biathlon" (second visit center).

Yenisei waterfront near the Svyato-Uspenskiy Monastery

The calm atmosphere of this place is relaxing from the first minute you get there. Excellent location for photo shoots and selfies with the Yenisei in the background. The territory is developed - benches for comfortable rest and landscape design complement the overall blissful picture. Contemplation of the river and a leisurely walk - relaxation for the soul is guaranteed. We recommend taking blankets with you, it is quite cool by the river.

How to get there?

– From the city center to the waterfront you can go by bus No. 12 (stop "Pereulok Poslushnikov") or by car, address: Krasnoyarsk, st. Lesnaya, 55a.

400th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk Park

If you don't want to leave the city, then this is the option for you. It is considered one of the largest parks in the city - an area of 11 hectares. Several playgrounds, art objects and benches of various shapes. There is even a small pond with ducks and several designer flower beds. A good option for a city walk!

How to get there?

– By car: park in a multi-storey parking lot on the st. Oktyabrskaya, 10 "A", (paid parking) or at the free adjoining parking of a residential building on the st. 78 Dobrovolcheskaya Brigada
– By bus: from the downtown, you can take buses No. 50, 53, 63, 71, 81, 85. Reference point - Exhibition center "Siberia".

Park Pokrovsky

Sometimes it is useful to be in the most visited places in the city. Especially those with a beautiful view. In height you think better!

There are many walkways in the park, a play area for children, several specially marked points for great photos. A large "amphitheater" of modern, stylized benches is at your service. Walk to the main attraction of the Paraskeva Pyatniza Chapel. We recommend you dress warmly, it will probably be windy on the mountain.

How to get there?

– By car: the park is located on
Karaulnaya Gora. Drive up the Stepan Razin street.  Parking is available.
– By bus: the easiest way to get there is by bus number 32 (stop "Kakhovskaya"), from the stop to the park - 400 meters.

Photo for the article: Karina Yara, Tatiana Zheludova, Maria Lenz,
Photo for pview: Daria Semyonova

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