Autumn-winter holidays in Ergaki

Surely many of you have already managed to visit the Ergaki Natural Park in the summer, enjoy its stunning space landscapes, views of rocky peaks, endless taiga and crystal clear waters. But very few of you have visited Ergaki during the cold season. Believe me, in these times you can have a wonderful time to relax! What to do in autumn and winter in one of the most beautiful places in the Krasnoyarsk region and in Mother Russia, read below!
● You can spend the summer and have time to make colorful and juicy photos of the multi-colored taiga with the "gray" outlines of the mountains and at the same time enjoy the autumn coolness of crystal lakes in one of the photo tours,
● Make radial hikes on fresh snow in snowshoes to the main mountain peaks (one-day routes or weekend routes from late September to November)
● Spend the night in a warm alpine hut and warm up in the evenings after an active day near the stove with a cup of fragrant tea and coffee under the pleasant noise of crackling firewood
● Ride with the breeze on a powerful snow scooter, cutting through the vast snow-covered expanses of the park
● Cheer yourself up with a snowboard or downhill skiing tour
● Treat yourself to unforgettable backcountry tours on the slopes that no one hasn’t tried before.
► Recreation center "Ergaki"
Telephone: 8 (800) 707 6270 (free call within Russia)
► Tourist base "Sleeping Sayan"
Phone: +7 (950) 304 00 55
► Sports and tourist complex "Peak Zvezdny"
Phone: +7 (950) 304 00 55
► Tent camp "Pearl Sayan" (tents near Lake Raduzhny)
Website: www.altamira.rf
Telephone: 8 (391) 292-55-30
► Park-hotel "Taiga Master"
Phone: +7 (963) 201 6545
► Recreation center "Tushkanchik Camp"
Phone: +7 (950) 304 00 55
► Ski base "Snezhnaya"
Phones: +7 (908) 327-29-30, +7 (902) 996-87-73
► Recreation center "Edelweiss"
Phones: +7 908 223-31-99, +7 950 970-80-70
◇Excursions are organized both at recreation centers and at the Visit Center of the Ergaki Natural Park
Telephone: 8 (391-38) 2-13-69 (reception)

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