In the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in the southern part of the Taimyr Peninsula, is the large industrial city of Norilsk. It is known for its extreme climate - it is one of the coldest cities on the planet. Due to the picturesque mountain landscapes and low atmospheric pssure, it is often called the “Russian Himalayas”. The area of the settlement is 26 square kilometers, and the population is 178,000. By the way, Norilsk is one of the largest cities in the world by area - its administrative borders are 284 square kilometers.

This city is a real paradise for photographers, connoisseurs of “industrial” and urban studies, because it is an intricate mix of a variety of architectural styles. Despite the fact that Norilsk is a territory with a regulated entry for foreign citizens, it’s worth a visit to:

  • Feel what polar day and polar night are. In winter, for 45 days, the duration of daylight hours does not exceed 4 hours. The polar day begins on May 19 and lasts until July 25 - at this time the sun does not go beyond the horizon, and on the streets of the city you can often see citizens taking night walks.
  • Touch the story. For more than 20 years, one of the largest camps in Siberia, Norillag, existed on the territory of Taimyr. It was the prisoners who built the first houses and factories of the city.
  • See the northern lights on frosty days. The most accurate pdictions of space weather can be found on the website of our Russian Space Research Institute.
  • Take pictures of impssive industrial landscapes. Numerous enterprises, facades of abandoned and dilapidated buildings, pipes against the backdrop of the rising sun - a real find for the photographer!
  • Try to taste sugudai and stroganina. Stroganina is chopped frozen northern fish or deer meat. Sugudai is a fresh fish that is served with spices in onion and vinegar marinade. In addition, tourists should try yukola - a snack of dried venison, as well as delicacies from delicious northern fish caught in local reservoirs.


► Ikony Bozhiyey Materi Church

► The first house of Norilsk

► Temple chapel in honor of the Archangel Michael

► Zapolyarnik stadium


Photo is from the archive of the "Tourist Information Center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory",

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