Permafrost Museum in Igarka

Beyond the Arctic Circle, in the city of Igarka, there is a unique museum, which has no analogues not only in Russia, but in the whole world! It was created on the basis of the permafrost station in 1965.

First you will find yourself in a small exhibition hall, where the guide will tell you that 65% of the territory of our country is just that permafrost. Then the descent into the dungeon starts. In the permafrost, the temperature is almost constant - −4 ° С. But at the top - everything is −15 ° C, so the walls of the building are covered with hoarfrost. In several rooms, plant samples frozen in ice plates are psented, pieces of ice from the Yenisei and the Ice Mountain lie - places of manifestation of buried ice about 50,000 years old! In one of the drifts, tree trunks protrude from the wall - 36,000 years ago they were buried under a layer of sand and clay and were pserved by permafrost.

To tourists: in the museum you can celebrate a wedding.

Important: dress for winter excursions here!

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