Minusinsk is a small city in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, located on the Minusinsk channel of the Yenisei. The area of the settlement is 17.7 square kilometers, and the population is 68.4 thousand people.

In 1739, the village of Minyusinskoe was founded on the site of a modern city. The main population of the village was the workers of the Luzkaz smelter and Irbinsky ironworks. Already at the end of 1925, Minusinsk received the status of the capital of the newly formed Minusinsk district.

One of the unusual facts about this city is that it is in Minusinsk that the most delicious and largest tomatoes are grown, in honor of this, the festival “Minusinsk Tomato Day” is even held here, which for several years has been gathering about 8,000 participants and guests annually.

What to visit:

► Minusinsk Museum of Local Lore named after N.M. Martyanova is one of the oldest local history museums in Siberia and the oldest museum of the Yenisei province.

► Holy Spassky Parish - an Orthodox brick church, an example of a late monument in the spirit of Siberian Baroque.

► Sanatorium "Sunny Tes" - a health institution surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. The sanatorium organized 5 meals a day, a wide range of water procedures, a mud bath, massage treatments, acupuncture and phyto-steam mini-saunas.

► Museum of retro motor vehicles of the USSR - this museum contains more than two dozen cars and trucks retro cars, as well as Soviet-made motorcycles and scooters


Photo: smorodina.com, культура24.рф, 33turista.ru, Sergey Volkin

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