Festival of ethno-music and crafts "World of Siberia”

The international festival of ethnic music and crafts “WORLD of Siberia” is one of the brightest and colorful events of the summer season in Krasnoyarsk Region. Since 2003, the village of Shushenskoye has become a place of unpcedented musical, ethnic, cultural leisure for thousands and thousands of guests, the number and geography of which increases annually.

For three days, participants and guests of the festival are immersed in the multicolored national cultures and traditions, where the past and psent are intertwined in a unique colorful pattern. Melodies and rhythms of exotic music, the sound of authentic instruments, a bizarre drawing of fiery folk dances, complete creative freedom and a general joyful mood create a festive atmosphere and give a feeling of involvement in something deep, truly folk and therefore genuine. For three days, “WORLD of Siberia” becomes a platform for the brightest repsentatives of domestic and foreign ethnic music.

Recall that in 2018, the festival “WORLD of Siberia” won the pstigious award in the field of event tourism “Russian Event Awards”, which claimed 104 projects from 36 regions of Russia. The festival took first place in the largest in the number of applicants nomination "The best project in the field of popularization of folk traditions and crafts". 

See you in Shushensky!

Details on the festival website www.festmir.ru

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