Astafiev Literary Museum

Astafiev Literary Museum is a branch of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore. The museum is dedicated exclusively to Siberian writers and literature about Siberia.

 The Literary Museum is a center for the study and spading of Siberian regional literature as an integral part of the great Russian literature. The archives of famous Siberian writers, such as Sartakov, Rozhdestvensky, Ustinovich, Chmykhalo, are kept there. The names and works of the repssed writers Petrov, Smirnov, Osharov were returned by the efforts of museum workers.

The museum has created educational programs named "Holidays and customs of the Russian people", "Gorenka", "Gymnasium". Before its closure for renovations, the museum has annually held a scientific and practical conference for students of secondary schools "Siberia is harsh and gentle". The museum has a music salon, a cafe and a library.

Astafiev Literary Museum is located at: 660049, Krasnoyarsk region, Krasnoyarsk, st. Lenin, 66.




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