Kuturchinskoe Belogorie: instruction manual



The Kuturchinskoe Belogorie is the most extreme, bordering on civilization, ridge of the Eastern Sayan. Here, on several hills among a fairy-tale forest, several hundred buttes are scattered. Apart from fans of climbing, mysticism or outdoor recreation, adherents of water rafting in the Krasnoyarsk region also like to come here, because in this part of Mana there are three impssive rapids: Soboliniy, Truba and Bolshoi Mansky.


The ascent to Kuturchin is made from several places, the most popular of them are: the Angul river, the village of Kuturchin, the Big Mansky rapid. Getting to Belogorie is ptty easy. There are several options:

Option number 1: car + on foot
Distance from Krasnoyarsk to the region is 250 km, about 3 hours by car and 30 minutes on foot. You need to follow the M53 highway from Krasnoyarsk, then turn towards Shalinsky. The path goes past Narva, Vyyezhy log. The end point of the car “part” of the route is the village of Kuturchin. You walk from here. The track runs through thickets of spruces, birches and aspens. The trail, although clearly visible, is somewhere heavily overgrown with grass. There are areas of windfall. Then you cross over Angul. Further, the road runs along the kurumnik (abundant rock screes) and goes to the top.

Option number 2: electrical train + on foot
You get on the train in Krasnoyarsk to the station "Mana" and go for 5 hours 20 minutes. Ticket price: 400 rubles. The train runs only on Saturdays and Sundays and arrives at 15:08. Having chosen this option, you have to walk from the station for several hours before the starting point of the path to Belogorie. From the station building, go in the direction of the new boarding school, go around it to the left and go onto a country road leading from Mana station to the village of Khabaidak. There is a fork behind the village, go straight without turning anywhere. After going for about 5 km, come to the next fork, turn right, and after 500m turn left. After 1 km come to the hut, where you can stay for the night, and it is the starting point of ascent to the Kuturchinskoe Upland.

Option number 3: train + on foot
You can also take a train to the Mana station (600 - 900 rubles for a reserved seat). The train goes every day but arrives at 12:30.


We recommend to take your food with you. There will be grocery stores on the way to Kuturchinsky Belogorie where you can buy everything you need, but as visiting Belogorie implies a hike, you should ppare well.


If you go during the cold season:
● A backpack is necessary, as you can put extra warm clothes, socks, a raincoat, a bottle of water, a snack and other small things in it.
● Shoes: Legs on a hike are everything, they must be protected!
- comfortable warm winter trekking boots with water-repellent impgnation;
- polyurethane foam boots + pvc slippers for bath and home.
● Shoe insoles (pferably felt), if the shoes are not quite sporty and warm.
● Clothes - warm, windproof jacket with a hood or a ski suit. Under the jacket: a fleece or woolen jumper, fleece pants or thermal underwear.
● Warm clothes for staying in a tent and for sleeping - sweater or fleece jumper, warm pants, thermal underwear, warm socks.
● Socks: There are never too many socks!
● Hat
● Warm mittens 2 pairs
● Headlamp flashlight with replaceable batteries. It is possible that you need to move in the dark
● Personal first aid kit if specific medications are needed.
● Toiletries, bath towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, personal hygiene items, toilet paper
● Thermos. What could be better than tea / coffee on a hike.
● T-shirt (1-2 pcs.).
● Tent, sleeping bag, pad.
● Camera, camcorder.
● Food products, dishes.

If you go during the warm season:
You can not take mittens, a hat and a warm jacket, but you should still have warm clothes, it can be quite cold at night!


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Tour operator "Altamira"


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