Where to run when you want to run



Actually, if you seriously want to do sports, then you will be satisfied with jogging around the house. However, if you need stronger motivators, such as the clean air, the beauty of surrounding landscapes, people next to you also run, then study a list of several exciting places:

Eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva"
A runner's paradise. Running through the woods is a pleasure, you can warm up on the sports ground and relax on a bench. For those who want a bigger load - run to the hill))

Stolby National Park
For those who like to run uphill and then downhill. About 7 km one way. The road to Stolby is asphalt, but there is also an eco-trail leading to Cardon Laletino - there are fewer people on it, and cars do not drive. The saturation of the lungs with the healing reserved air is guaranteed.

Divnogorskaya waterfront
The waterfront is not so long, but the view from it is stunning. Run and admire. Just 39 km from Krasnoyarsk. By the way, you can also run to the waterfront... Cars are so not environmentally friendly :))

‍Tatyshev Island
Mecca for athletes of all kinds in the very center of Krasnoyarsk. Come here in the morning if you want to be alone with the susliks. Or come in the evening - there is a great chance to meet an handsome person who is not indifferent to running as you.

Left-bank waterfront of Krasnoyarsk
Well, this is a classic. Although the waterfront has changed a lot in recent years, we especially like the part of it that starts from the central registry office and leads towards the Cadastral Chamber. It's good there.

Right-bank waterfront + Yaryginskaya waterfront + Ostrov Otdyha
It is not a jog, but a whole journey with a magnificent view of the left bank of Krasnoyarsk!

Fields in front of Chernaya Sopka
This is an option for sociopaths. You run alone, you can even shout songs, still no one will hear.

Conquering the highest point of the Krasnoyarsk region - 2318 meters - and even running - is a test for the reckless. Oops, for the heroes. You will have to run along bumpy forest paths and stones. But skyrunning is skyrunning.

Photo: Mikhail Popov

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