Kansk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia, founded in 1636 by the Krasnoyarsk ataman Miloslav Koltsov as a prison, designed to protect the borders of the conquered territory. The name of the city comes from the Kan River, on the left bank of which the city is located.

Before the foundation of the Kansk fort, ancient people lived on these lands. In the city of Kansk, 10 archaeological sites were found: on the left bank of the Makhaushka stream, an ancient Upper Paleolithic site was found, and near the Kan-Perevoz railway station, an Early Neolithic site and another 9 multi-layered sites of the Neolithic era of the Early Iron Age and the Middle Ages were found.

A permanent Russian population appeared in Kansk in 1748. Ostrog served as one of the bases in the advancement of Russian explorers to the southeast of Russia. In 1782, Kansk became a county town of the Tomsk region of Tobolsk governorship, and with the formation in 1822 of the Yenisei province, Kansk received the status of a district city.

Currently, the largest manufacturing industries are concentrated in Kansk - in the city there are more than 10 large and medium-sized industrial enterprises of food and processing industry, mechanical engineering and metalworking, forestry and woodworking industries.

What to see:

► Kansky Palm Alley - an art object, the opening of which is timed to coincide with one of the film festivals of "non-format" cinema.

► The art object “Bell Tower” - appeared in Kansk not so long ago, in 2010, thanks to the idea and work of Moscow artist A. Savin. The eight-meter building, somewhat similar to a mushroom, more than once became the main participant in local news.

► Arc de Triomphe "Royal Gates". It was built on the occasion of the arrival of Nicholas II and, unfortunately, was destroyed in the 20s of the XX century. However, in 2006, in honor of the 370th anniversary of the city, the authorities restored this historical monument and today the new 15-meter arch is a favorite place for citizens and guests of Kansk.

► Troitsy Zhivonachalnoy Cathedral - this Orthodox church was built in 1804. In 1912, reconstruction of the cathedral was carried out. Now it is one of the oldest stone buildings in Kansk - a real example of architectural art and cultural heritage.

► Drama Theater is the oldest cultural institution, which was founded in 1907. Over the years of the theater, the audience saw more than 700 plays and tens of thousands of performances.

► The main square of the city is the cultural and administrative center of the city, pviously this square was called Cathedral Square. Here is a complex of historic buildings and a well-maintained pedestrian area.


Photo: 1maps.ru, new.prmira.ru

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