From Krasnoyarsk to the center of Asia by off-road vehicles!

Tour operator ‘Sibwaytour’ invites you to travel ‘From Krasnoyarsk - to the center of Asia’! The tour is recommended by the Russian Geographical Society.
This is an opportunity to see three regions of Yenisey Siberia at once: Krasnoyarsk Krai, Khakassia and Tuva. You will get acquainted with the life of the steppe people and feel like a real nomad, feel the unity with nature and be able to become a little shaman, get acquainted with the Old Believers and plunge into the ancient Russian way of life. On your way, coniferous forests will be replaced by steppe, and bare, wind-blown semi-deserts – by mountain rivers and healing springs.
The transfer is carried out on safe off-road vehicles ppared for Siberian roads, which will take guests to places inaccessible to large tourist buses.
● Dates:
October 2-13
October 15-27
● Cost: 132400 ₽. There are not many places left.
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Photo by Sergey Filinin

Published: 24.09.2020
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