Russian borders open

On June 8, a government decree came into force, according to which restrictions on the departure of Russians abroad and the entry of foreigners into the country were relaxed.
Russian citizens will be able to leave the country to live abroad andvrelatives in need of care. Those who go abroad for medical treatment, as well as to work or study will have this right. Also, travel is allowed for Russian citizens who are members of foreign families. Citizens of other countries will be able to fly to Russia for treatment or to provide assistance to sick relatives.
Citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners will need to provide a number of documents confirming the existence of a good reason.
► You can familiarize yourself with the changes made and the list of documents that must be provided for the trip on the website of the Government of Russia at this link.
Photo by Sergey Filinin 

Published: 10.06.2020
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