Picnic "Summer Kitchen " in Krasnoyarsk

On June 1 and 2, guests and residents of Krasnoyarsk are invited to the main city picnic "Summer Kitchen", which, as always, will take place in the Pokrovsky Park, in front of the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel! The guys from the Prima media group, known for the Green Festival and the White Fair, have been already making this holiday for 4 years. Thousands of people come to Karaulnaya Gora to taste food from all over the world, listen to live music and lectures, relax with children and take pictures of Krasnoyarsk from above.

Here's what awaits you at the Summer Kitchen:

FOOD. More than 30 restaurants with barbecue, pilaf, Thai pancakes and Buryat buzzas are promised.
SCENE. A special day of world hits covers  from the best bands of the city and music from cartoons performed by the Krasnoyarsk brass band is planned.
LECTURES. 12 lectures from key Krasnoyarsk Instagrammers.
GAME OF THRONES. In honor of the last season of the main series in the world, a separate zone will be created with the iron throne, direwolves and khal Drogo.
CHILDREN. A huge park area will be given over to giant colorings and Lego blocks.
DOGS. A separate park with an agility area for dogs. Traditionally, guests of the Summer Kitchen come to a picnic with animals.
FLOWER MARKET. It will be possible to buy both indoor plants and cut flowers.
BANYA. Sauna culture special location of the festival. Prepare bath brooms!
EXCURSIONS. Let's find out what the Krasnoyarsk residents ate in the 19th century.

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