Alpine Skiing Slopes in Krasnoyarsk Region

Winter in the Krasnoyarsk region starts in the middle of November and lasts till the middle of March. The whole 2022-2023 season of winter entertainments is ahead. Alpine skiing and snowboarding take special place among them.  The slopes are enough for everyone: from the amateurs of comfortable gliding to the fans of free-riding in the Ergaki Nature Park.

Alpine skiing infrastructure in the Krasnoyarsk region attracts riders from other regions. First of all, the tourists come to the skiing complexes situated near Krasnoyarsk.  Nowhere in Russia it’s possible to get to the slopes by bus and get back to the city on the same day. But you can have good skiing not only in Krasnoyarsk: there are enough skiing slopes to any taste in the region.



► Funpark Bobrovy Log
All-season sports and recreation park of an international level, situated in 20 minutes drive from the city centre.

How to get there: if you are a guest in the city and don’t have any car, you can go by bus №37. 

Slopes: 15 pistes - 5 black, 6 red, 3 blue and a children’s one.

Maximum length - 1566 m. Vertical drop - 350 m.
Lift: 2 cable chairlifts


7 risings for adults cost 700 rubles on week days and 900 rubles on days-off until December, 31. For children the price is 400 rubles on week days and 500 rubles on days-off. In a low season until December, 31 the cost of a day ski-pass for adults is 950 rubles, on week-end it is 1200. An evening ski-pass is 750 rubles on week days and 900 rubles on days-off. Day and evening ski-passes have no limits in the number of  risings. You can see the full price on the website.


Evening lightening of slopes: yes
Equipment for rent: yes
Après-ski: restaurant and café

Entertainments: Snow-tubing attraction — the slide is 100m long and has a few tracks of different difficulty levels and a T-bar lift. The Rodelbahn attraction (above -15 degrees) is a mix of a bobsleigh track and a roller coaster, the longest one in Europe - 3,4 km long. When ridding down it gains the speed up to 45 km per hour. Ice rink. Bobronavty Children’s Club. Yunga children’s playground. Barbeque gazebos.


Address: Krasnoyarsk, Sibirskaya st., 92
Telephone: +7 (391) 256-86-86

► Alpine Skiing Complex Kashtak
Situated at the spurs of the Eastern Sayans on the North-West slopes of the Kuysum mountains, in Krasnoyarsk suburbs, not far from the all-season recreation complex Bobrovy Log.

How to get there:
 there is no opportunity to get here by public transport. It’s more comfortable to use a private car – 400 m after the Bobrovy Log Funpark turn to the left according to the sign and then go 1 km up (to the left and up).

Slopes: 3 slopes – a green, a blue and a red one. Maximum length – 1350 meters.

Vertical drop: 220 m.
Lift: T-bar
Evening lightening of slopes: yes
Equipment for rent: yes
Après-ski: cafe
Entertainments: tubing
Accommodation: a mini hotel with a sauna and a banquet hall. Guests’ houses.

Krasnoyarsk, 2ya Borovaya st., 67
Telephone: +7 (391) 261-11-86, 261-90-30



► Divny Alpine Skiing Complex
Situated in the most picturesque place of Divnogorsk – at the foot of the mountains, in the primeval taiga, alpine skiing complex Divny reveals the unique opportunities for the most various ways of recreation.  


How to get there:

1. By a private car – along the road Krasnoyarsk-Divnogorsk (~40 km from the city centre), in Divnogorsk you should go up. To find the skiing complex, you need to go to Chkalova street to house 59, and then from there go 200-250 m to the slopes.
2. By
a city electric train to Divnogorsk station
By shuttle bus # 106А, which goes from the city bus station and follows to Divnogorsk


Slopes: 4 slopes to any taste – a green, a blue, a red and a black one.

Maximum length - 1500 meters. Vertical drop - 250 m. 5 risings — 550 rubles. There are discounts for students, unlimited ski-pass and happy hours for the amateurs of gliding.

Lift: 3 T-bar lifts
Evening lightening of slopes: yes
Equipment for rent: yes
Instructors: yes
Cross-country skiing tracks: 3 km and 5 km

Après-ski: café & bar DoSki
Entertainments: tubing, Dinosaurs kids’ club, billiards room, spa-salon, barbeque gazebos
Accommodation: Divny Sports Hotel

Address: Divnogorsk, Mashinostroiteley st, 19
Telephone: +7 (39144) 3-30-30; 8 (391) 282-17-14


► Multifunctional complex Sopka

The venue was built for the Winter Universiade 2019 on the base of the alpine skiing slope on Nikolayevskaya hill. Here is the complex of freestyle  slopes (arials, moguls/ duo moguls, ski cross) and snowboarding (board-cross, slopestyle ,big air), two slopes for half-pipe (18 and 22 feet), and 2 training trampolines (HS-20 and HS-40).

How to get there: by public transport to the bus stop Sportcomplex Sopka or by your own car.  


Slopes: a slope 460 m long is open for the anateurs. The other slopes are only for professionals.
Lift: T-bar lift (on the slope for mass riding)
Evening lightening of slopes: yes

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Biatlonnaya st., 25 B
Telephone: +7 (391) 234-51-60




► Kanskiy Alpine Skiing Complex

It is an excellent place for active winter leisure for families, situated in the suburbs of the town of Kansk in the Krasnoyarsk region.

How to get there: 
 by railway transport to the station of Kansk or by car from Krasnoyarsk.

Slopes: 4 slopes – a green, 2 blue and a red one. Maximum length – 750 meters. Vertical drop - 140 meters.
Lift: 2 T-bar lifts, 1 lift chair
Evening lightening of slopes: yes
Equipment for rent: yes

Après-ski: cafe
Entertainment: tubing
Accommodation: Salyut recreation camp


Nature Park Ergaki


► Ergaki Alpine Skiing Complex

The Ergaki alpine skiing resort is situated in an amazingly beautiful place at the slope of the Western Sayans. Notwithstanding the resort’s history counts just a bit over 10 years, it is popular among the amateurs of alpine skiing and active rest.  

How to get there: 
by a regular bus from Krasnoyarsk to Kyzyl  – the bus stops on the demands of passengers in the pointed place during daytime.  The route goes along the federal road Р257 Yenisei. The second variant is by private car. And you can also use  the Bla-bla-car services.

Slopes: 2 slopes – a blue and a red ones. Maximum length – 1400 meters. Vertical drop - 350 m.
Lift: T-bar
Evening lightening of slopes: -
Equipment for rent: yes

Après-ski: 3 cafes
Entertainments: snowmobiles for rent, barbeque zone, children’s room Ergusha, water-pipe bar.
Accommodation: the recreation camp Ergaki offers its guests several variants of Accommodation: three hotel type buildings, 7 separately located houses, 3 cottages, the Berloga building, the Taiga town-house with two-storied rooms for 7 persons with a big living room and a private kitchen zone,  suites and junior suites situated under the rental store building, 3 comfortable hotels with central heating, each room is equipped with a shower cabin.

Telephone: +7 (3902) 24-02-23, +7 (952) 747-71-57

► Tormozakovskiy Bridge

The complex is situated not far from the ridge of Ergaki, 120 km from the village of Yermakovskoye near the speedway Abakan-Kyzyl, at the very south of the Krasnoyarsk region.  It is suitable mainly for the experienced skiers who want to enjoy skiing without any restrictions or limits. That why the slopes here are steep with big vertical drop.


How to get there: this is the 617-th km of the Р257 Yenisey road, where it crosses with the Nizhyaya Buyba river. Buses go along this route, a car trip is also possible here. 


Slopes: 3 slopes – a green, a blue and a red ones. Maximum length - 550 meters. Vertical drop 550 m.
Lift: T-bar
Evening lightening of slopes: -
Equipment for rent: -
Après-ski: café
Entertainment: tubing
Accommodation: Buyba Tourist Complex


Details: Tormozakovskiy Bridge

Telephone: +7 (39133) 5-47-18


► Snezhnaya Alpine Skiing Complex

The Snezhnaya Alpine Skiing Complex is situated in the territory of the Ergaki Nature Park (Krasnoyarsk region). The complex is situated at the 611 km of the M-54 speedway  (Karsnoyarsk-Kyzyl), at the descend of the Buybinskiy passage.


How to get there: 611-th km of the Р257 Yenisey road. Buses follow this route, a car trip is also possible here


Slopes: 1 blue slope. Maximum length - 1150 meters. Vertical drop: 350 m.
Lift: T-bar
Evening lightening of slopes: -
Equipment for rent: yes
Après-ski: -
Entertainment: -
Accommodation: in a guest’s house there are rooms for rest (for 4 and 6 persons). You can cook meals on your own in the shared kitchen.

Telephone: +7 (908) 327-29-30


Southern districts of the region

► Olenya Podkova Alpine Skiing Complex

The complex is situated in Kuraginskiy district at the suburbs of Krasnokamensk village 300 km from Krasnoyarsk.

to get there
1. By car: go from Krasnoyarsk along the Irkutsk speedway to the village of Kuskun and then follow the signs to Kuragino, Minusinsk. Pass through Kamarchaga, Narva, Schetinkino and go straight to Koshurnikovo without turning anywhere, go 18 km according to the sign to Krasnokamensk.

2. By train: passenger train (speed) 124, and passпассажирский поезд №658. Departures schedule: every day. Arrive at Koshurnikovo station and then go by bus to Krasnokamensk.

Slopes: 2 slopes – a green and a blue one. Maximum length - 1200 meters. Vertical drop: 200 m.
Lift: T-bar
Evening lightening of slopes: yes
Equipment for rent: yes
Après-ski: café
Entertainment: two Russian baths, café, billiards, ice-rink with evening lightening.
Accommodation: 5 hotel buildings.
Номерной фонд различный: эконом-класс, есть номера класса люкс.

Address: Kuraginskiy district, urban settlement Krasnokamensk, Mayakovskogo st., 33
Telephone: +7 (923) 359-30-39, +7 (902) 011-51-51

► Divnaya Recreation Camp
It is situated in a picturesque place of Idrinskiy district, 100 km from Minusinsk, 30 km from the district’s centre Idrinskoye near the village of Dobromyslovskiy on Kortuz mount.

How to get there: by a private car.

Slopes: 2 slopes –
зa green and a blue one. Maximum length - 1500 m. Vertical drop: 230 m. A separate kids’ slope.
Lift: T-bar
Evening lightening of slopes: only for snow-tubing slopes.
Equipment for rent: yes
Après-ski: cafe
Entertainment: 3 baths of different capacity (
в наличии банные простыни, березовые веники), катание на снегоходах, snow-tubing slope.
Accomodation: there are three guests’ houses with several rooms built on the territory.

Divnaya Skiing Camp

Telephone:  +7 (933) 326-03-88 


► Gora Otdel’naya Alpine Skiing Complex

The complex is situated in 25 km from the centre of Norilsk, in the remote district Talnakh, near the spurs of the Putorana Plateau. The season in the High North lasts till the beginning of summer.  

How to get there: by plane to Norilsk and then by public transport or by car.

Slopes: 7 slopes.
Максимальная длина -  840 m.
Vertical drop: 300 m.
Evening lightening of slopes: yes
Lift: T-bar
Equipment for rent: yes
Après-ski: restaurant and café
Entertainment: snowboarding park, snow-tubing slope, kids’ labyrinth, snowmobiles for rent.  

Accommodation: rooms for rest

Details: Sports and Tourist Complex Gora Otdel’naya

Telephone: 8 (3919) 494747


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