Mount Karatag

The Krasnoyarsk Territory is fraught with many mysteries. Some of them have already been guessed by scientists and archaeologists, and some still raise many questions. One of such controversial places is Mount Karatag in the Sharypovsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The 755-meter mountain Karatag rises above the triad of lakes - Big, Small and Round. This is probably why the Khakass called this mountain Kharajentag, which means “viewing, watchdog mountain”. Researchers suggest that in the past there was a fortress at this place and there was a cult center. This is evidenced by the remains of masonry from huge slabs and rock paintings, which depict not only wild animals, as usual, but also very strange drawings of two-legged creatures with processes of feathers on the body and a three-horned crown on the head. Some say that this “building” on the mountain dates back to the Scythians (VIII century BC - IV century CE), while others claim that it belongs to an even more ancient civilization, such as the mythological Hyperborea. By the way, here and nowadays shamans hold their rites to the spirits of water, earth, fire and air, and shamans always know where the places of the Force are ... What to believe, decide for yourself. And a better variant - go there to see and feel. Mount Karatag is located just 350 km from Krasnoyarsk, not far from the village of Bolshoe Lake. Photo by Sergey Filinin

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