Mount Argydzhek

Mount Argydzhek , 1523 meters high, is a kind of gateway to the Eastern Sayan. Located on the border of mountains and steppes, Argydzhek takes the winds from all cardinal directions and serves as the first obstacle in the way of the humid air masses blowing from the steppes and forests almost from Altai.

According to one version, the word "argydzhek" means mountain "valley", "hill". According to another version, the mountain was named after Ar-Gidzhek, who saved his people from the flood. This is where the fun begins. The mountainhas a height of 1523 meters and is geographically located the way that for many hundreds of kilometers to the north, west, and southwest there is no other hill higher than 1 km. And as there are rock paintings we know that people lived there. And there was a flood, according to history. The height of the tsunami is unknown, but if we assume that it reached 1 km, then it was possible to escape only on high mountains. And Mount Argydzhek was the closest.

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Photo and text: Krasnoyarsk club of outdoor enthusiasts

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