Where to play board games in Krasnoyarsk

Play and develop your mind!

Board games really have a beneficial effect on the functioning of our brain. During the game, you learn a lot of new things - starting with the rules and conditions, finishing with interesting facts that you discuss with other players. And new information is food for thought. Healthy food. So we offer you to stretch your brain and vary your autumn-winter leisure with exciting board games!

Where to play board games in Krasnoyarsk:

Youth Creative Business Center "Pilot" 

Once there was a night club, and today it is a place of leisure for Krasnoyarsk youth. Here they study, dance, hold festivals, concerts and creative evenings, arrange art flea markets, and also play board games. By the way, the famous Igrofest took place here. 

Aerovokzalnaya st., 10

Board games club "Familiar faces" 

The battles of spaceships for the sake of order in the Warhammer universe, the reconstruction of historical tank battles, as well as the ability to change the course of history in the Flames of War strategy game - there are all the board games associated with military actions.

Pirogova st., 1 A

Board Games Club "Diceville" 

Collector card games Magic, Russian "Berserk", Japanese "Richie Mahjong" and many like-minded people who are passionate about board games. The doors of the largest gaming club in Krasnoyarsk are open for both experienced gamers and beginners, the main thing is to abide the charter.

Televisornaya st., 1, building 4

Table Legion of the "Empire" club

 All existing board games are played here, with rare exceptions. Collector card games, military miniatures and role-playing board games. You can play, or you can just get acquainted - here they will always help you decide what game to choose and understand the rules.

Bograda st., 65

Board games club "Labyrinth" 

 For more than three years, a community of board game lovers has gathered in the regional scientific library to spend time in other universes, where you always need to save someone, fight on spaceships or reclaim lands from orcs.

Karl Marx st., 114


If the main thing for you is not the game, but who to play with, then your path goes through hardships to the AccentHoll art cafe. There are not many board games here, only the most popular ones, but there are plenty of excellent people. And you can easily find a person, just like you, who does not know how to play table hockey, who, by the way, is "over there on the table."

Krasnoi Army st., 10, p. 4 

Board games club "Viking"

A place for fans of fantasy worlds, films, books, music and lovers of intellectual relaxation. Here you can visit the universes of "Warhammer", WoW, Middle-earth and "Galaxies far, far away", playing board games, of which there are more than eighty options. 

Krasnoyarsk rabochiy st., 115a, Dragoonsky library


Photo: tinaomos.news 

Published: 11.11.2020
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