Where to stay in Shushensky district

► Hotel in the architectural ethnographic complex «Novaya derevnya»
Modern hotel with interior of the early 20th century era. It's a place where the headliners of music festival «World of Siberia» pfer to stay. 
Address: Shushenskoe, Novaya Street
☎ 8 (39139) 3-44-33
☒ mus@shush.ru

►Hotel & Hostel «South»
Hotel & Hostel «South» is a 10-15 minute walk from the village center, where the famous museum-reserve «Shushenskoe» is situated. You can logically plan your journey on the south territory of Krasnoyarsk region without leaving the hostel and a reliable local tour operator, the founders of which are the owners of «South», will help you with this. 
☎ +7 904 894 2713, +7 950 964 3194,+7 983 281 2776
Website: hotelhostel-yg.ru

► Mini-hotel «Yenisey»
Founded in 2019 hotel is a 10 minute walk from the center of Shushenskoe. Friendly managers meet the guests with smiles on their faces and accommodate them in comfortably equipped modern rooms. All the rooms are situated on the second floor of the hotel. The hotel offers double and 4-bedded rooms for families with children and single visitors. There are also hostel rooms for 15 people if you travel in a big group. The hotel also provides a wide range of services: from room service to pet walking. On An aqua-center with swimming pool, sauna and hammam is on the first floor. 

☎ +7 933-33-12-000
Website: енисейотель.рф
► Sanatorium «Shushensky»
Comfortable accommodation that gives the opportunity to take a course of comphensive treatment. The sanatorium is situated in a wonderful place on the bank of the Oya river.
Address: Shushensky district, Kazantsevo village 
☎ 8 (39139)3-34-68
Website: шушенский.рус

► Multifunctional ecological tourist complex «Talovka»
A hotel in the visitor center of the national park «Shushensky Bor» (for 4 people), home «Zimny» (for 17 people), two cottages and four winter lodges 
Address: right bank of the Yenisey, opposite Cheremushki village, next to the Borus track 
☎ 8(39139)3-44-52
☒ shubor@mail.ru

Manor house «Yabloko ot yabloni»
The manor house founders, Natalia and Andrey Denisenko, moved to Shushensky district from Krasnoyarsk some years ago. On the territory of the manor house you can live in lodges, walk barefoot on the grass in the fruit trees. The hosts offer naturopathy, locally produced organic food and some tours in the area. 
Address: Golubaya village, Sirenevaya Street, 2 
☎ +7(391)256-77-88, +7(983)192-97-77
Website: sibsad.naenisee.ru

► Multifunctional ecological tourist complex «Taezhny» (Poilovo)
Address: right bank of the Yenisey, opposite Cheremushki village, you can go there by car or boat
☎ 8 (39139)3-44-52
☒ shubor@mail.ru
► Hotel «Tourist»
Адрес: Shushenskoe, Pushkina Street, 1
☎ 8 (39139) 32752, 8 (39139) 32941
► Summer recreation center  «Iskra»
Address: Shushenskoe, Leisure (Otdyha) river island
☎ 8 (39139) 3-27-52, 8 (39139) 3-29-41
☒ sib-tur@yandex.ru
► Summer camp «Zhuravlenok»
Address: Shushenskoe, Leisure (Otdyha) river island
☎ 8 (39139) 3-20-04

Photo: Grigory Nakalyuzhny 

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