Ethnic festival “Bolshoy Argish”

Every year in mid-November in Norilsk and Dudinka the grandiose festival “Bolshoy Argish” takes place, which has already become the hallmark of two polar cities.

Ethnic festival “Bolshoy Argish”is, first of all, about the identity of the culture of the Taimyr Peninsula and the traditions of the indigenous peoples of the North: Dolgan, Nenets, Ents, Evenks and Nganasan. The festival includes concerts, film screenings, cooking classes, literary competitions, excursions - more than 35 events and activities at 7 festival venues.

A detailed program of “Bolshoy Argish” is on the site

* Argish is almost the only word psent in the languages of almost all the peoples of the North, meaning a ca

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