3 unique tours from the Central Siberian Nature Reserve, which are worth taking a closer look at:

► "Into the depths of the centuries along the Podkamennaya Tunguska" - a trip on a motor boat for 5-6 days along the picturesque Podkamennaya Tunguska river with a visit to the striking Sulomai pillars and the banks of the purest Stolbovaya river, at the mouth of which you will see amazing petrified marine sediments: bryozoans, corals, sponges and other repsentatives of the ancient fauna, more than 400 million years old. You will get acquainted with the traditions and life of the Kets, the indigenous people of the North and Siberia, as well as the Old Believers who have pserved their traditions since the time of Peter I.

◇ Period: July to September.

► “Down the Yenisei to the Past and the Present” is a tour of the Yenisei downstream from the village of Bor to the village of Bakhta for 2.5–3 days. An excursion to the former village of Komsa and a visit to an ancient chapel with an altar of the late 19th century, a trip to the taiga along the old road of a search expedition, where you can see traces of animal life. Overnight at the reserve cordons with a Russian bath.

◇ Period: mid June to September.

► "Fly over the Yenisei" - a special 7-10 days tour for birdwatchers. You go by motor boats down the Yenisei River to the Lebed cordon, where you can observe the mass migration of birds, visit the Mirnoe biological station and learn about the work of bird watchers, and the excursion along the path to the edge of the forest will introduce you to many small birds, the inhabitants of the reserve.

◇ Period: late May - mid June.

All tours start from the village of Bor, which can be reached by plane or by boat.

☎ Apply for a tour, find out the cost and details on the official website of the Central Siberian Reserve centralsib.com or by phone 8 902 923 9644

Photo: @mummrich

Published: 13.01.2021
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