Sports Palace named after I. Yarygin

Sports Palace named after Ivan Yarygin is a multisports indoor sports palace, named after the famous Soviet freestyle wrestler, two-time Olympic champion I.S. Yarygin. The Palace was built in 1981, until 1995 there was an ice arena in the Palace, which was then replaced with parquet. After the reconstruction, an ice arena will reappear at the facility, which can be transformed into a volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer competition playing field.

In its form, the sports cunstruction resembles an old ship - a caravel: the same blunt nose, arched sides, round windows, like loopholes on the battery deck. Moreover, such associations are pushed by the location of the object - an island on the waves of the mighty Siberian river Yenisei.

In the sports version, the hall of this universal complex accommodates 3347 spectators, in the basketball - 4100, in the concert - 5000. By the Winter Universiade-2019, the Palace was reconstructed and installed new ice equipment, replaced and modernized all engineering systems, the equipment was also provided with a cooling system and major redecoration of all rooms.




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