The Divnogorskaya waterfront


Waterfront of the city of Divnogorsk

Distance from Krasnoyarsk: 40 km
Travel time (round trip): 2 hours

Divnogorskaya waterfront has become the center of attraction for residents of Krasnoyarsk and other cities of our region from the moment of its improvement. The waterfront of the city of the builders of the hydroelectric power station shows a magnificent view of the opposite bank and the Divnye Mountains, which have become the main landmark of Divnogorsk.

The waterfront section is divided into several zones. There is a children's amusement park, a fenced walking area, a small square, comfortable wooden benches, swings, an information center and a bar counter. You can also do exercises, go down to the bank of the Yenisei and feed the ducks. Guests willingly take memorable photos with the background of the wooden inscription "Divny".

* The route is suitable for walking with children 0+

How to get there?

Option number 1: car

From Krasnoyarsk: you need to get over to the right bank of the Yenisei and move along the Sverdlovskaya st., pass the Bobrovy Log fan park, the Stolby national park, the Roev Ruchey park of flora and fauna, then move along the Yenisei P-257 road. The one-way route, depending on the time of year, takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour. When you reach the entrance to the city of Divnogorsk, at the place where the one-way road begins, turn right and move along Lenin waterfront. There are parking spaces along the waterfront. In our opinion, it is most convenient to park in the center of the waterfront, opposite Pionerskaya Square, the Baton and Komandor supermarkets are your reference points.

You're at the place! Park and go for a walk.

Option number 2: train

You can go on a weekend trip by commuter train from the stations: Krasnoyarsk, Yenisei, Bobrovy Log, Krasnoyarsk Stolby, Turbaza. You get there in comfort for 22 rubles and you are able to observe the picturesque Divnogorsk nature from the window. One way trip takes 1 hour. But, there is one nuance that should be taken into account - the return departure time. According to the schedule, you can stay in the city for about 7 hours. The schedule can be found on the Krasprigorod website. It is better to think over an alternative transport option for the return journey.

Option number 3: bus

Visit the site of the Krasnoyarsk bus station and choose a convenient departure time. The cost of the trip is from 100 rubles. The way to your destination is about an hour. You can also go to Divnogorsk from Predmostnaya Square, tickets can be bought directly on the bus.

Option number 4: taxi

You can get to the Divnogorskaya waterfront by taxi. A trip from the center of Krasnoyarsk will cost you around 600 rubles one way. But if you go in a company of 2-3 people, you can save your budget.

Option number 5: water transport

During the river navigation period, you can get from Krasnoyarsk to Divnogorsk by ship. The cost of such a trip last year ranged from 500 to 2500 rubles, depending on the program.

You get the information and book tickets here:
- "Azimut", telephone 223-23-32, address: Bograda street, 114.
- "Kaleidoscope puteshestvy", phone (391) 259-10-19, address: K. Marx street, 34.
- "Sim Sim", phone 205-25-80, address: Navigatsionnaya street, 5, office 206.
- "Sibir dlya ludei", phone 8 (902) 982-24-18, Dubrovinsky street, 1/2.
- Motor ship "Kupriyan", telephone 245-88-22, 285-68-60, Maerchak street, 49 a.

What to do on Divnogorskaya watherfront?

Sports exercise
Feeding ducks
· photo session
Children's amusement park
Roller skating area
Benches for comfortable rest
Monument to the first builders of hydroelectric power station

Where to have a snack?

You can have freshly brewed coffee in the shop on Pionerskaya Square, and buy some fresh pastries in the supermarket.

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