Reindeer Herder's Day in Surinda

Every year, on the last Saturday of March, the holiday of the main taiga workers - reindeer herders is celebrated in the Evenk village of Surinda. The holiday will be celebrated for 2 days. Guests will get acquainted with the life of the Evenks and their history, see the most spectacular event - a reindeer sled race, taste national Evenk dishes (for example, stroganina, kolobo bread baked on charcoal, and hot rich shulema made of fresh venison), can buy authentic souvenirs, learn the local craft, compete in the northern multisport race: throwing a maut, throwing an ax and jumping over sledges, and even building a chum. The bright event of the holiday, as always, will be the unifying Evenk dance yokhoryo, in which the Surindians, artists and guests of the holiday join hands together and, to the sounds of a melody familiar to all Evenkians from childhood, start one big circle dance - horovod.

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Photo: K. Kuzmina

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