Paraskevy Pyatnitsy Church in the village of Barabanovo

The Paraskevy Pyatnitsy Church in the village of Barabanovo is recognized as a cultural heritage site of regional significance. It was built in the years 1855-1857 on the model of ancient northern Russian tent churches, but after the middle of the last century it was abandoned. Several years ago, at the request of religious people, its reconstruction began.

Despite all the difficulties, the Paraskevy Pyatnitsy Church is still a pilgrimage site for many religious people. Every Saturday morning public worship is held here. Indescribable peaceful atmosphere attracts citizens and tourists. I want to come back here again and again, as if all the chores of life are left behind ...

How to get there:

1.2 hours by car from the center of Krasnoyarsk through the Solnechny microdistrict along the P409 highway, then, after gas station, there will be a big turn to the right and a long, long road leading to the village of Barabanovo.
Photo: Dmitry Yurlagin

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