Buvaysar Saitiev - freestyle wrestling

Buvaysar Hamidovich Saytiev is the best wrestler of our time, three-time Olympic champion, six-time world champion, six-time European champion, multiple winner of international level wrestling competitions in weight up to 74 kg. Based on the above, it is not difficult to believe that Buvaysar is recognized as the most titled freestyle wrestler. Buvaysar was born on March 11, 1975 in Khasavyurt, but after graduating from high school he moved to Krasnoyarsk, where one of the strongest free-style wrestling schools in Russia was developing. Since 1993, he began to study at the school of higher sportsmanship in the types of wrestling named after D. G. Mindiashvili, under the coaching of D. Mindiashvili himself, as well as G.L. Bakhturidze, and S.G. Khachikyan.

Olympic star Buvaysar Saytieva lit up in 1996 in Atlanta. He managed to defeat the experienced Korean - the winner of the Olympics in Barcelona, who could not do anything on the carpet with a Russian opponent - so young and grasping. Viewers compared Park Chan Sung to a calf trying to fight an oak tree. The fight ended in the dry with a score of 5: 0.

The athlete’s victories grew exponentially and at the end of his career in his “winning piggy bank” there were 16 gold medals. Buvaysar Saytiev is a wrestler, a man who lived and lives in the struggle, sets his goal and achieves it by working hard. They say, that such an athlete is born once every hundred years.


Photo with pview: krimchel.ru

Photo: m.yandex.ru/collections

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