Booklets of the Krasnoyarsk region main attractions

As a result of rigorous selection we psent to you 5 unique guides on the best natural and cultural attractions and destinations of the region. Here they are: Yeniseysk, Krasnoyarsk, National park «Stolby», Natural park «Ergaki», the Putorana Plateau. In our psentation we described how we made this booklets in details – we didn't want to take dull information. Only interesting (in our opinion) facts can be found in our booklets.  
▷ Буклет «Плато Путорана» (рус)
▷ Booklet « the Putorana Plateau » (eng)
▷ Буклет «Природный парк Ергаки» (рус)
▷ Booklet «Natural park Ergaki» (eng)
▷ Буклет «Национальный парк Столбы» (рус)
▷ Booklet «National park Stolby» (eng)
▷ Буклет «Город Красноярск» (рус)
▷ Booklet «Krasnoyarsk» (eng)
▷ Буклет «Город Енисейск» (рус)
▷ Booklet «Yeniseysk» (eng)
Timing of implementation: year 2019.
Send us an email to find more about the project: Contact person: Anna Dubtsova, tourist products promotion manager 

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