Bolsheungut spring

For the water of the Bolsheungut spring in the village of Novoalekseevka hundreds of people come all year round. The water here is saturated with silver ions, but not at all saturated with harmful impurities. Those who often go here are assured that water helps with diseases of the stomach and kidneys. It is also stored for over a year. Locals advise to use it to make compotes and jams, salt vegetables, and for coffee lovers - to brew the drink on "living water". According to rumors, one of the Krasnoyarsk companies supplying bottled water transports it from here in cisterns. In winter, the water does not freeze. A small lake is formed by dozens of springs that constantly spout from the ground with air bubbles.

Father Andrey, rector of the Church of the Archangel Michael in Zykovo village, says that after bathing, the water dries up instantly. A man comes out of the water dry.

How to get there?

The Bolsheungutsky spring is located 100 km from Krasnoyarsk, in the Mansky district, near the dacha village Novoalekseevka. It is better to go by your own car in order to take more water with you. Follow the M53 towards Kansk. At the roundabout, take the exit for Mansky District. Through the regional center Shalinskoe we go in the direction to the village of Narva. After 25 km, there will be a right turn - you go there, another 10 km along the gravel road and you are here. The road to the spring is travelled, it is impossible to miss.

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