Where to stay on the Putorana Plateau

Tourist facilities on the Putorana Plateau haven't been developed yet, there are very few recreation centers on the territory. You can find some comfortable places to spend your holidays on the Plateau if you aren't ready to sleep in a tent.   
► Manor house «Firebird»
The manor house «Firebird» is located on Lake Lama. Central heating and satellite TV in the cozy two-floor house with terrace and Finnish hot tub, two separated wooden lodges, the real Dolgan chum (tent) covered by leather, portable warm tent, wooden Russian banya, barbecue gazebo – all of these provide comfortable living conditions.
● Website: usadbajarptica.ru
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► Glamping on Dog Lake (Sobachie Lake)
Staying in the glamping is provided as a part of a tour only. In a warm season you can go there by helicopter or hovercraft. These vehicles are pcautions for saving the unique nature ecosystem of the lake and Red List fishes living in there. Glamping are the tents with amenities and big picture windows.
Accommodation in triple dome tents of 29 square meters with picture windows. The tents are furnished with orthopedic mattress beds, armchairs, coffee tables wardrobes and cabinets. You will be also given bed sets with pillows, duvets and heated sheets. There are four shower tents, four toilets, cafeteria, camping banya (heating temperature is 110°С) and campfire place. You can also choose accommodation in a double tent for an extra charge.
☎ The hotel may be booked only on the tour, for example, through a travel company «Adventure territory» via +7 913 498 0034

► Recreation center «Bunisyak»
The center is located in the east area of Lake Lama, the most remote one, in a dense deciduous forest, not far from the mouth of the river Vekhikai. Oleg Krashevsky, the host of the recreation center, is a real shaman. The center is unique because it  is situated in the place of Great Power, the heart of which is legendary Shaytan mount. Shamans lived there and their ritual activity remains are still can be found. The water in the lake is clearer than in Baikal, the territory is surrounded by hundreds of waterfalls from 10 to 60 meters height, the special landscape gives picturesque walking tracks of different difficulty levels for you to enjoy.

The paintings of world famous Dolgan and Nganasan artists, Boris Molchanov and Motumyaku Turdagin, exclusive ethnographic collection, collection of hunting trophies, extensive library are in the halls of the first and second floors of three-floor guest house. There is a Shaman chum in the hall of the second floor.

On the perimeter of the second floor there is the balcony. The center offers from 2 to 5 person rooms. The visitors who want to live separately should pay for the whole room. The visitors can take meals on the open terrace or in the summer kitchen depending on the weather or the visitors' pferences. The outhouse toilet is 6 meters far from the house. An alternator produces the electric power for the center (the break is since 12 am till 10 am). The recreation center «Bunisyak» has been working for more than 10 years and has proven itself as a great place to stay. Only there  you can see the marvelous beauty of the Putorana Plateau for reasonable price: hundreds of waterfalls, dozens of canyons, unsalable mountains with typical for plateaus terraces, Putorana's snow sheep and many other attractions.      
In good weather from the center you can watch snow sheep, unique species of Red List, through binoculars
● Website: www.putorana.land
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